Thursday, December 12, 2013

Baked Applesauce--Vegan Friendly

I was hesitant about this recipe because it just seems odd to make applesauce in the oven. I've made it on the stove lots of times and that works perfectly well. Still, the convenience of chucking the apples in a pot and letting them cook unattended in the oven is appealing. Anyway, I tried the recipe and it was really good. There were layers of flavor--apples, spices, citrus--that melded well. I made quite a few modifications though. I added the juice of an extra lemon plus a slug of dark rum. I also added extra cinnamon and some mace. And, instead of brown sugar I used some Golden Syrup and some Steen's Syrup. I did use the butter but the next time I make this I will leave it out to have a vegan version. I don't think the butter really does much for the flavor.

I have to thank Jill for bringing this recipe to my attention and for cooking it along with me. Check out her blog to see how her applesauce turned out.

You can find the recipe here.


  1. It's been such a long time since I've come by and said hello my dear blogger friend, but am glad this is a good time as we plan for the seasonal holidays. I Do sincerely hope that you are well and still remember your warmth from our early days of blogging. Warm wishes my blog friend, Shaheen aka mangocheeks from allotment2kitchen

  2. Love the idea of adding rum! I would think you could make this on the stovetop too, but I liked putting it in the oven and not having to deal with it. Thanks for making this with me!