Monday, May 6, 2013

Black Treacle Recipes

I LOVE the Two Fat Ladies and have seen all of their shows dozens of times. They frequently mention that they love black treacle. So, being a copycat I had to buy some black treacle and try out a couple of their recipes. I made their Yorkshire Gingerbread and their Swedish Cabbage.

Black treacle tastes like molasses, but not exactly like it. It has a more complex flavor and to me, it has a bit of a licorice taste. I actually like it much better than molasses.

The Swedish Red cabbage was interesting and had so much flavor with the lemon, onions, treacle, and apples. It would be a really nice dish to serve during the holidays. It wasn't sweet, just flavorful. Here's the recipe

The Gingerbread was awesome--moist and spicy. It had quite a kick to it with all of the ginger, and even though I don't usually love ginger, I loved this gingerbread. The treacle adds a much nicer flavor than molasses would have. You can find the recipe here.

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  1. I've heard of treacle but never thought about what it is. I wonder if you could sub it for molasses in recipes? I'm not a big molasses fan. It's neat that you tried it in a sweet and a savory recipe.