Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Summer Squash Casserole

This isn't the most attractive recipe I've ever made, but it was definitely very tasty. I had a whole bag of yellow summer squash to use up, so I went looking for squash casserole recipes and found this one. I liked that it is cheese-free. I rarely, rarely make anything that calls for canned soup, but I took a leap of faith and made this recipe, canned soup and all. And it was delicious! Instead of stuffing mix I used whole grain seasoned croutons and they worked perfectly. Dave is not a squash lover but he really enjoyed this casserole and didn't even notice the squash.

So, if you're looking for something to do with a mess of summer squash, I highly recommend this recipe.


  1. Sorry I am using anonymous to post this comment but using my Wordpress account has gained me more spam in my inbox than I care to replicate any day soon! Have you tried making squash tempura? Your partner would probably love it. Same goes for making Indian fritters...grate them into muffins and cakes for added moistness and this casserole looks yum :)

  2. Glad you and Dave enjoyed this, BUT,did you really use cream of CHICKEN soup?? Peace, Stephanie

  3. This sounds like a good way to dress up some squash! I'm not big on the seasoning in stuffing mix, so your sub of croutons sounds good.

  4. Stephanie--

    I should have specified. Cream of mushroom soup! Thanks for catching that.

    Squash tempura sounds delicious! Great idea.