Tuesday, February 21, 2012

TWD: Baking with Julia -- Chocolate Truffle Tartlets

This week in Baking with Julia we made Chocolate Truffle Tartlets--a chocolate pastry shell filled with a creamy truffle filling, pieces of white and dark chocolate and crumbled biscotti. It's definitely a fancy-pants dessert with wow factor. The recipe wasn't complicated, but it was one in which I had to really pay attention to because there were several things going on at once.

I found the tartlets to be good, but really, really rich. One bite was all I could eat. Dave was able to finish a whole tartlet for dessert, but he did comment that it was really filling. So, if I were to make these again, I'd either make smaller tarts, or plan to serve a half tart per person.

In addition to the chocolate and biscotti mix-ins, I added some cacao nibs because I love their pure chocolate flavor and crunch.

And, even though I only made half of the tart filling, I made the full tart dough recipe. With the leftover dough I made cookies. They were good and tasted like chocolate butter cookies.

There are four hosts this week, so please visit their blogs to see their gorgeous tarts and to get the recipe if you're interested.

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  1. Great idea to make cookies with the rest of the dough! This was really rich - they should be made as super-minis!

  2. These look and sound so indulgent!
    Great idea to make cookies out of the crust. (I used to always nibble on Dorie's tart dough...it's so amazing.) :D

  3. Cacao nibs sound like an awesome addition. I liked all the add-ins in the filling.

  4. Great looking tart! I love the addition of nibs - now I've got to keep an eye out for them!

  5. I love those nibs - they are highly addictive, aren't they? (and now I am craving some).

  6. I agree...very fancy dessert that wasn't really to hard! Yours look great :)

  7. what a great use for the leftover dough - I didn't have hardly any left so mine just went in the trash :)

    Alice @ http://acookingmizer.wordpress.com

  8. A rich dessert indeed!

    ~ Carmen