Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Veggie "Meat" Loaf on Baguette

Lunch! Yum...

This is the best veggie version of meatloaf that I've made so far. Dave loves it and I always make a double recipe so that we can have sandwiches during the week.

You can find the recipe for the loaf here (it's the first recipe). The ingredients sound really odd--cereal??--but everything comes together quite deliciously. Really!

These sandwiches were extra special since I made them with homemade Italian baguettes. It's a Jim Lahey recipe and I blogged about it here. This is one of my very favorite bread recipes and I make it frequently. The bread has a light crispy crust and a chewy, hearty interior. It's perfect for sandwiches and you don't need any special equipment--just a regular baking sheet--to make it.

I hope your lunch today is/was just as delicious as my sandwich!

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