Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mr. Vallone's Italian Cookies

Jill and I made a second recipe from Rebecca Rather's The Pastry Queen Christmas--Mr. Vallone's Italian Cookies. These cookies are a version of the popular Pignoli (pine nut) cookies and are made with almond paste, egg whites, and powdered sugar. I wasn't sure how fond of these cookies I'd be as I'm not super crazy about pine nuts, and I'm definitely not a big meringue fan.

I made half the recipe because I only had 8 ounces of almond paste at home. Unfortunately, I goofed up when I was mixing the dough and added the full amount of egg whites and honey (instead of half). My dough was much too thin so I tried to fix it by adding extra powdered sugar.

Once I got the dough thick enough, I was able to proceed with the rest of the recipe without any other problems.

I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised with the finished cookies. They were light and almondy and not at all eggy. There were really quite sweet but I'm sure that's because I messed up the recipe and added the extra sugar. I think that if I'd made the recipe properly, the cookies would have been quite delicious!

Jill is including the recipe in her post, so please visit and see how her cookies turned out!

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