Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Fresh Mint Granita and Watermelon Granita

We sometimes shop at a local Latin foods market, and this week when we stopped by they had pallets and pallets of tiny watermelons. Of course we had to buy some. With one of the little melons I made this simple and delicious granita--there's almost no cooking involved and you do not need to use an ice cream maker. For an extra special adult treat, serve this topped with a splash of really good rum.

The second granita recipe is made with fresh mint and lemon juice. I have mint growing in my backyard, so this will be my go-to summer treat. It's minty but also lemony and just a little sweet. And oh so refreshing, just like jumping in the pool on a hot summer day. Again, as with all granitas you do not need an ice cream maker or any special equipment.

Here's the recipe for the watermelon granita.
And you can find the mint granita recipe here.

Warm weather is on its way... and I'm counting the minutes.

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