Sunday, March 20, 2011

Amazon Cake (Cocoa Cake) -- Vegan

It was under 5 minutes from the time I grabbed the first ingredient out of my cabinet, until I popped the cake pan in the oven. Lightning fast. This is a great recipe to have when you want to whip up something sweet and delicious, and you're short on time and low on fancy ingredients. Everything you need to make the cake is a cupboard staple, you don't even need eggs, milk, or butter. And amazingly, considering how easy this is to make, the cake comes out moist and chocolatey, and totally delicious.

You can top the cake with a bit of powdered sugar, or your favorite frosting. You can even double the recipe and make a layer cake. I served the cake with bananas that I sauteed in a bit of margarine, sugar, cinnamon, and brandy. So good!

You can find the recipe for this gem of a cake here. Enjoy!

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