Thursday, October 28, 2010

Growing Things

Some gorgeous winter squash from a local produce stand. Perhaps for a yummy squash pie?

Fresh black-eyed peas.

Local olives right off the tree. I think they must need to be cured before being eaten-SO bitter.

The cats were fascinated with the black-eyed peas. They were grabbing pods and running with them. And, for the next week, I kept finding hidden pea pods all over the house.

Vodka with fresh raspberries and a bit of sugar. Dave can be such a doof in the kitchen without supervision. He was watching the football game online Sunday and he asked if the raspberry vodka was ready since he was going to make a drink to have with pizza. 10-minutes later I came into the kitchen and he had poured himself a gigantic mug of the vodka over ice--at least 2/3 of the bottle. I asked him to take a taste and tell me what he thought. He took a small sip and his face immediately turned beet-red and his eyes started watering. Duh! I guess he thought that the vodka was some sort of a pre-mixed drink with just a little liquor in it, and not straight vodka with some crushed berries. I remade his drink with just a shot of vodka and lots of cranberry juice.

Just picked pomegranates from our friend's tree.

I spotted a leafcutter bee in our back yard actually cutting this rose leaf. Too cool! I've never seen one in action before.

Our pomegranate tree.

An interloper in our garden. I have no idea what plant this is but it grows wild around here and produces huge, gorgeous white flowers.

**It's an Angel Trumpet (thanks Julie!). And, I had no idea that is was toxic so I'll have to be careful to keep it away from the critters.

We have two preying mantises in our yard this year--Mickey and Mikey. Very neat! They love to hang-out on the mint plants.


  1. Cool photos! Especially of the bugs.
    That is neat about the Vodka....I've never thought to do anything like that. I bet it's yummy. I have wanted to try making my own vanilla extract...have you ever done that?

  2. Great pictures Michele!!

  3. Loved the photos! That is so funny about Dave and the raspberry vodka. That does sound yummy though. Oh, way too funny about your kitties stealing the peapods! Animals are so funny.

  4. Your `interloper` may be Angel Trumpets.

    They`re poisonous, but lots of people grow them.

  5. Thanks for all the nice photos! The raspberry vodka sounds wonderful - but maybe not a whole mug of it!

  6. the cats and beans are so funny....of course mischeivious little grey pebble was in every shot...Love your table top and love the preying mantis's

  7. Amazing photos, Michele. My kitties would do the same thing if they encountered a pile of beans like that!