Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Broken Tables, Cat Toys, and Bird Cages... Oh My...

Mango strikes again. I was moving furniture into a new configuration, and Mango jumped up on one of my tables, and in an instant, the whole thing just collapsed. The wood was actually broken and I couldn't get it back together. This isn't the first time she's crushed something; on the right side of my blog near the bottom there's photo of her on my indoor greenhouse--she collapsed that as well.

I wanted to find a replacement for the table, so I went to the CSN Stores site and did a search for end tables. I found lots of neat tables, and I'm still trying to decide which one to get. While I was searching around on CSN, I somehow got onto the pet supplies section. (No surprise really since our critters are so spoiled and get more treats than we do.) I found the funniest cat toy; it's a little mouse that travels on a track and makes squeaking sounds. Two of the cats, PomPom and Pinto, think it's the next best thing since canned tuna. PomPom has even learned how to turn on the toy by himself.

I also bought a new cage for Nibbles, the rescued pigeon. I don't think I've mentioned him here, but he was found starving as just a young guy with two broken legs, and partially healed broken back. He couldn't walk or fly. We took him to a fabulous bird vet and a week after surgery he was able to walk, even though his legs were still all bandaged. You can see a photo of his recovery here.

Nibbles can walk and fly perfectly now, and he's grown into such a huge boy.

Of course, before Nibbles could even test out his new cage, Pinto had to hang-out in it for awhile. Of all the cats, she loves being inside boxes and things the most. Bring her home a cardboard box from the grocery store, and she's a happy kitty.

CSN has very generously (once again) offered me a gift certificate to apply to a purchase. I am still considering a waffle iron, but haven't made up my mind yet. Any suggestions?


  1. Wow! What a cool cat toy!
    Sorry about the table. But how fun to get to shop for free. How lucky!
    Neat site. I am going to have to spend some time looking around on there.

  2. How adorable! I love your kitties!

  3. look at mango looking at Dave with nibbles. How do the cats handle being around him?
    xxDaves tummy

  4. Cool cat toy!
    That is so neat that you rescued the pigeon. I always love feeding the pigeons. Most pople think they are nasty and say "stay away". I never listened though...I love all animals way too much! Nibbles is too cute!
    Gosh, I don't know about the CSN gift certificate. If it were me, I would be buying something for the kitchen, but that's because I want a lot of stuff. :o)

  5. I love all the pet photos! Too cute, especially Pinto in the bird cage.

    Very cool that you got another certificate from CSN. I don't make waffles that much, but they're soooo good. I keep hearing about yeasted waffles but haven't tried them yet.

  6. I just love your kitties, Michele!