Saturday, July 24, 2010

Zach Braff's Favorite Chopped Salad

According to Food Network Magazine, Zach Braff LOVES this salad which is served at The Mermaid Inn in New York. Though microgreens and all the new fancy lettuces are good, I have to admit, that especially in summer, I love a cold, crisp chopped salad made iceberg lettuce; I guess I'm old-fashioned that way.

This is a really good salad, and though it's not strictly vegetarian, it's easy to leave out the meat. Instead of bacon, I used fake bacon, and I completely left out the Worcestershire. Yum! I made it for dinner a couple nights ago and am craving it already.

If you want to do a vegan version, you can use Vegenaise instead of the mayo, and of course use soy "cheese" or no cheese at all.

Salad for dinner in summer rocks, and I have to thank Zach Braff for pointing us in the direction of this yummy recipe. Thanks Zach!


  1. Nice salad. Zach is sooo cute!

  2. I saw this salad too and totally wanted to veganise it! haha. You beat me to it! I love salald though!

  3. Zach Braff is pretty cute, so this salad must be good :) I like mixing iceberg in with other greens to add some crunch.