Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Linguine with Yellow Squash

I spotted these adorable squash at the farmer's market, and just couldn't resist (especially since they were 6 for $1.00).

I used the squash to make an easy pasta dish. The original recipe calls for Bow-Tie pasta and zucchini, but linguine and yellow squash worked just as well.

The pasta was simple and tasty was perfect for an outdoor summer dinner.


  1. Those squash are way too cute. I couldn't have passed them up at that price either! Do they taste like the regular yellow squash? Sounds like a great pasta dish!

  2. Michelle-

    They taste just like the regular long skinny yellow squash. Maybe even a little bit less bitter.

  3. They're really cute!

  4. I love summer squash with pasta - can't get enough of it. Those are really cunning, Michele.