Thursday, July 8, 2010

Georgian Cheese Bread

I do so miss Gourmet; it was by far my favorite food magazine, and this bread is a good example of one of the really unusual recipes they published. The cheese bread is a specialty of the Republic of Georgia (not Georgia, USA). It's so good, rather like a pizza, but more tender and not as dry. The dough is stretched out and pulled up and over the cheese filling, and then slashes are cut into the top of the bread so that the cheese melts and oozes out into a big puddle over the top of the bread. Yum!

Serve the bread for dinner with a salad, or have it room temperature as a snack. You could also slice the loaf into small wedges and serve it as an appetizer or with drinks.

You can find the recipe here.


  1. That looks and sounds fabulous!

  2. I do love Gourmet too! I really do love collecting their recipes. This one gave me an idea to have for my dinner too. My family will love this that looks like pizza! Thanks for contributing this kind of bread.