Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Nine-Grain Whole Wheat Harvest Bread

I'm so happy that I made a double batch of this bread, because Dave and I are crazy about these rolls. The recipe comes from The Art and Soul of Baking, one of my very favorite cookbooks. Jill, picked out this recipe and I happily agreed to make it along with her. I'd never heard of 9-grain cereal, and didn't think that I would be able to find it, but surprisingly it was in the bulk bins of my local grocery store. The cereal gives this bread a lot of flavor and a fantastic texture. But this is not a heavy, dense bread. For extra crunch, I added some sunflower and flax seeds, and for the sweetener I used maple syrup instead of the honey in the recipe.

I chose to make rolls instead of a loaf since I think rolls are easier to freeze and take-out to use as needed. These rolls make amazing sandwiches--the crust is crispy, but the interior is tender and light.

I've been baking so much bread that we haven't had to buy any in weeks. Very neat!

Please see Jill's delicious version of the 9-grain bread.


  1. Another wonderful bread...after all the homemade bread store bought bread will be so not up to par! Peace, Stephanie

  2. Your rolls look fantastic! I'm glad you liked this so much. Great idea to add sunflower and flax seeds. Great idea to make rolls too! I'll have to make some notes for next time.

  3. These looks delicious. Do you have photo of the crumb you could post too? I think I may have to get that book. We use "The Bread Makers Apprentice" to make most of our breads, and after much practice we're finally getting it right :-) Never heard of 9-grain, but we'll give it a shot after our kitchen is rebuilt (currently remodelling). Cheers, Anders

  4. Thank you for commenting!

    Anders Heie--I'll take a photo of the crumb for you.

  5. Great, look forward to that. Do you know Daniel Leaders "Local Breads"? That's also excellent by the way...