Saturday, February 20, 2010

Peter Reinhart's Buttermilk Biscuits (super flaky!)

I've never been a biscuit fan. Biscuits are okay, but usually I find them to be too dry, and as soon as they cool, hard as a brick. The few times I've made biscuits I didn't have much success, so when I want biscuits I buy the ones that pop out of the tube.

I was flipping through Peter Reinhart's Crust and Crumb and I was really surprised to see that he included biscuits--his forte is yeasted bread. His recipe is different from every other biscuit recipe I've made. He uses a laminated dough (layers of butter and pastry)--the same method is used for croissants and puff pastry.

The biscuits are actually really easy to make, and they are truly amazing--light and flaky and super buttery. I'm not even going to make excuses for how much butter is in this recipe--it's a lot. But you get at least 20 or so biscuits, and I found that they were so buttery we ate them without any extra butter. Dave and I each had two, and I froze the rest to eat at other times. I'm hoping they hold up well in the freezer. Maybe I should have frozen the cut but uncooked biscuits, but I didn't think of that until later.

It would be simple to make a vegan version of these. Use vegan margarine and a non-dairy creamer or mimiccream.

The recipe is online here.


  1. Those look far better than any biscuit I've ever had!

  2. These look good. Like you said, layers of puff pastry goodness!! I'd imagine they would go well with a savoury dish

  3. I haven't checked out the Crust and Crumb book, but seeing how great these biscuits look, I'm adding it to my list. I love PR's recipes.

  4. Thank you so much for commenting!