Monday, January 4, 2010

Rwandan Baskets -- Neat Video

When I did the holiday shopping article for The Daring Kitchen, one of the items I included on the extended list was these baskets that are made by hand in Rwanda, and that are sold at Macys. I recently came across a really neat and very inspirational CBS news report on the women that are reinventing Rwanda, and are supporting themselves by weaving baskets. Here's the link to the video. The beginning of the video covers the violence in Rwanda, so if you're super sensitive to new stories like that you may want to skip the first couple of minutes.


  1. It is inspirational, and I think it's so great that a big store chain like Macy's is selling the baskets.

  2. Thanks SO much for writing about these! I had this bookmarked and lost it when I swapped out computers a while back. This is such a worthwhile cause.

  3. those are beautiful baskets!

    happy new year!