Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veteran's Day / Free Meal at Applebees

A big thank you to all the veterans out there and to all active military. Applebees restaurant is doing a REALLY neat thing and offering a free meal today to all military personnel. You do need certain kinds of ID and there is a fixed menu. You can see the details here:

There are 6 entrees to choose from and unfortunately none are vegetarian. But, there is a pasta dish and it sounds like it could be easily adapted to be veggie by leaving out the chicken. There is also a dinner sized salad and that could probably be made vegan. Dave is going there for dinner and he's planning to get the pasta without meat.


  1. Thanks Dave for your service to our country!

  2. Yes, Dave thank you and what a great thing Applebees did for our military.

  3. What a nice thing for Applebees to do! I hope he was able to get something vegetarian.