Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I am sorting through some recent photos, and I thought I'd share. The first photos are from my trip to visit my family in Illinois.

My niece, Marisa, helping me clean the pumpkin seeds. The green ones were delicious roasted.

Carved pumpkins in front of my brother's house.

My brother's birthday cake--a pumpkin roll.

I tried to make a Halloween gingerbread house with my 4-year old niece, but I made the icing much too runny, so we ended up with gigantic gingerbread cookies.

The dogs, Sadie and Daisy.

My new mini-laptop--perfect for traveling and when my back is out and I have to lie flat.

Awesome gingerbread caramels from

The new little fridge I was forced to buy since our regular fridge was taken over by my flours and grains.


  1. Had to comment that Marisa (Michele's niece) made a cat jack-o-lantern (green carved pumpkin) for Michele since she loves cats so much. The other is suppose to be Ariel from Disney if you look closer. Bryanna (Michele's other niece) decorated the pumpkin roll with a Tinkerbell candle and a wine cork trying to be silly towards her uncle. The gingerbread cookies were awesome, especially the ones with the red hots on them. Finally, Daisy, the sheepdog puppy (5 months) is almost as big as Sadie, the 8-1/2 year old Samoyed. Overall, we enjoyed Michele visiting us and look forward to her coming back soon. Thanks for the pictures Michele!

  2. What fun! Phil's pumpkin roll cake looks yummy and Bryanna did a great job decorating it. I love your cute new lime green laptop. And your kitchen set up looks amazing. I'd love to see photos of your whole kitchen to see how you store all of those gadgets and supplies you must use in your cooking.

  3. that birthday pumpkin roll is such a great idea and looks awesome :):):):) thanks for sharing Michele!!!!!

  4. Ha ha! I love the house that ended up as cookies. Those are the perfect size!

  5. Nice assortment of pictures! Your green laptop is great and the cat pumpkin is so cute! I still need to take the seeds out of my pumpkins and roast them.

  6. Great photos, but you forgot to mention the great dinner you made for all of us. Homemade lasagna which was excellent topped off with a great salad.
    Thanks for cooking for us and come back soon.

  7. Thanks everyone!

    Sandy-I can't wait to come back.

    Kristy-my kitchen is tiny! I'll have to take some photos.