Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Dannon All Natural Yogurt -- Gelatin Free (finally!)

I try to eat yogurt (regular or soy) every day. But, being a vegetarian I am limited in the brands I can buy since I need a yogurt that's gelatin free. I've always had to buy the not so mass produced brands like Trader Joes or Wallaby. Dannon has finally come out with a gelatin free yogurt. Yeah! And, it's delicious.

Even Pinto loves it!


  1. I love yogurt for breakfast as well. However, I stopped buying the individual containers due to the waste. I now buy the large quart size tubs. Never considered the Gelatin aspect but I do avoid those with HFCS or artificial sweeteners.

  2. Nice! My dog loves yogurt, and my cat used to love it too.

  3. Good yogurt doesn't require gelatin to set. Plus, it's easy to make your own. Save some the next time you buy it (I like Stonyfield's) and add it to a bowl of organic milk that has been heated. Cover and let sit overnight and, viola!, homemade yogurt. Google the recipe for specifics on the temperature.

  4. I usually buy the larger containers as well, but these were on sale 3 for $1.

    Great tip Barbara!

  5. yes am also vegeterian, and gelatin is a concern for me ,no am so happy that Dannon came with gelatin free.loves it

    I also doing my own youghurt at home,it taste so good