Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Vegan Tuesday and The Daring Cooks -- Dosas with Curried Chickpea Filling

I love when there's the possibility of a double post. The Daring Cooks had a vegan challenge this month! And it was Indian food, one of my favorites. The challenge consisted of making dosas--savory pancakes made with spelt flour, a chickpea filling flavored with curry powder, and a coconut milk-tomato sauce. This recipe is a great introduction to Indian cuisine as it's easy to make and the ingredient list is not intimidating.

Of all the Indian breads naan is my favorite, but I do like dosas, especially for scooping up some type of yummy curry. The chickpea filling we made was just delicious. I love chickpeas and the combination of the beans with the other veggies and the curry powder was really nice. The sauce was good, but I am not a gigantic fan of coconut based sauces. Plus, I didn't have any ripe fresh tomatoes so I used a bit of tomato paste. instead and that may have changed the flavor of the sauce somewhat. On the other hand, Dave fell absolutely madly in love with it, and I think I'll use the leftover sauce over rice with a simple vegetable stir-fry for another meal.

If you think you don't like Indian food, I really encourage you to try this recipe. You can be as light handed as you like with the spices, and it will still turn out to be tasty.

We have Debyi from The Healthy Vegan Kitchen to thank for this month's yummy challenge. All of us vegetarians and vegans are especially grateful for her selection. Please see her post which includes the recipe here:

You can find the rest of the very talented Daring Cooks and their creations here:

As an aside: If you're not familiar with spelt flour I think you should be! It's a grain similar to wheat but I think it has a little bit of a nuttier taste. You can use it in recipes as a substitute for whole wheat flour. Here's the wikipedia blurb on spelt

And if you fall in love with spelt, there is even a cookbook with only spelt recipes:

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  1. Thank you Michele for welcoming me to Vegan Tuesday. Unfortuantely I am unable to participate next Tuesday as I am away from home, but will ensure I have a vegan meal during the week.

    I so love eating chickpeas in every way, especially spiced up. Yum.

  2. These were interesting. I adore Indian food, but had never had dosas. Now will make them again

    Yours look great.

  3. I eagerly recommend to you the book Wild Fermentation by Sandor Katz, if for no other reason (and there are many reasons) than that he gives a fantastic method for making dosas from urad dal (a white ish lentil ish kind of pulse)-- so so good and totally fun to make. Good for people who can't do wheat/spelt.....

    PS I am just DIGGING your blog, thanks for doing it....

  4. Thank you!

    I added the book to my amazon list since I'd love to learn more about bread baking and sourdoughs, and other alternative baking methods.