Thursday, September 17, 2009

Coffee Granita with POM's Iced Coffee

The wonderful people at POM generously sent me several bottles of their new coffee product. Yum! I love POM--their pomegranate juices, their antioxidant supplement, their teas, and now their coffee. The coffee is really good and so convenient to have iced coffee handy in the fridge.

We drank some of the coffee straight out of the bottle, and then I used a couple of the bottles supplemented with some espresso, to make coffee granita. Dave and I both love granitas, especially coffee, so I usually keep some in the freezer for simple desserts.

I don't use an exact recipe to make coffee granita. To make it: put very strong brewed coffee into a shallow dish and sweeten it with some sugar. Add a bit more sugar than you think you'll need as once frozen, the sweetness of the coffee is less pronounced. Once the coffee starts to get slushy, mix it with a fork every 30 minutes or so to prevent big ice crystals. Once it's all frozen, serve it plain or with some whipped cream.

Here's a more exact coffee granita recipe from

Please check-out the POM site. They have some really tasty, high quality products.


  1. I don't like coffee but that sounds kinda yummy for those that do. Anthony often makes coffee coolers...he blends ice, milk, instant cappuccino mix, a squirt of chocolate, and I think that's it. He loves them. He'll have to try this recipe.

  2. Anthony's recipe sounds so yummy. I love cold coffee drinks the best.