Sunday, September 20, 2009

Chestnut Ricotta Crepe Cake... for Megan

A few week ago, my blogger buddy Megan and I decided to tackle a mutual goal--a crepe cake, and post it for her birthday.

I was originally going to make chocolate crepes, but then I ran across Mario Batali's recipe for chestnut crepes. I love chestnuts and I thought these crepes sounded really good.

Unfortunately, when I went to make the crepes I did not have enough chestnut flour. So instead I made another version of chestnut crepes, again one of Mario's recipes, which uses a combination of flours. I did not use the salt and pepper.

I wasn't really worried about making the crepes since I make them all the time, but I was a bit concerned about how the filling and stacking would work out. Using Mario's recipe as an inspiration, I made a ricotta filling since I thought it's stiffness would make the stacking of the crepes easier.

The filling actually turned out lovely! I used ricotta, orange zest, finely diced marrons glaces (candied chestnuts), and a little bit of powdered sugar. The combinations of flavors worked really well together.

If you're not familiar with marrons glaces here's the wikipedia blurb.

I topped the cake with powdered sugar, chestnut tree honey, orange zest, and three marrons glace.

Right now, the cake is chilling in the fridge. I'm not planning to cut it until tonight, Hopefully, Dave won't get his hands on it before then and either mess it up by picking at it; or eat the whole thing. If the cake remains unscathed, I will take a photo of a piece of it once it's cut.

I hope you have a wonderful birthday and I also hope that you like my version of the crepe cake. I can't wait to see yours!

Please visit Megan's site, My Baking Adventures, to see her wonderful chocolate crepe cake. You can also wish her a happy birthday.


  1. Yum...that sounds really delicious! I'm sure it tastes as great as it looks.

  2. I've been wanting to try a crepe cake. It sounds so delicious. Your cake is gorgeous!

  3. It looks beautiful! How neat that you both made the cake and came up with very different versions.

  4. Thanks Michele! That's such a beautiful cake - I love everything about it!

    This was such a success I can't wait to do it again with you - and I'm really looking forward to the croissants.

  5. These look really great! I'm so glad you're back and feeling better...I was worried about you!

  6. What a lovely crepe cake, Michele. I bet the combination of orange with the candied chestnuts was fabulous!

  7. Thank you so much for the lovely comments.