Thursday, August 13, 2009

Vegan Tuesday Muffaletta Pasta Salad

Summer is so, so so, busy around here, and it's very easy to fall behind on my blog posts. I was all set to catch-up yesterday afternoon, but the very bratty Pinto--so named because her nose looks like a pinto bean, was not happy about me being in front of the computer. She retaliated by eating the cord to my mouse, causing big-time technical difficulties. The computer is up and running again, and Pinto is barred from the bedroom.

I made a pasta salad Tuesday night using the same flavors that are in a muffaletta sandwich--olives and roasted peppers. I pureed a small jar of pimento stuffed green olives and a small jar of roasted red peppers in the food processor. I added a small amount of olive oil to make a smooth puree. I added that to 1 pound of cooked and cooled pasta, along with some cucumber, red bell pepper, and avocado. I added some extra vinegar and oil to make a dressing, and salt and pepper to taste. It turned out to be a very yummy and flavorful salad.

Lots more coming up... (Assuming Pinto doesn't make her way back into the bedroom to attack the mouse again.)


  1. Pinto, you bad girl, it is not a real mouse so leave your mommy's computer alone. :)

  2. Turning a muffaletta into a pasta salad is brilliant! Love it!

  3. Your pasta salad sounds delicious. Very creative. YUM.

  4. Wonderful!! I just made a pasta saled, too. I love them in the summer, and yours sounds especially tasty. The possibilities are practically endless with these salads...
    Peace, Stephanie