Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Fruit Delivery

I wanted to share a photo of this lovely, delicious fruit "bouquet" that my dad and step-mother sent me as a get well gift. Isn't it awesome? I'm hiding if from Dave because if he spots it, in about 10 minutes there will be none left for me.

Thank you Dad and Sandy!


  1. Oh Wow, Michele,
    They are beautiful.
    I don't think I would want to eat them, just sit back and admire them.

  2. What a neat idea! That looks so good. I hope that I receive one from your dad and step-mother sometime in the future :)

  3. Thanks for taking a picture Michele. Since you have sent us these delicious fruit arrangements in the past we wanted you to be able to enjoy one as much as we did. I love the chocolate covered pinapples. :)

  4. How cool! It looks like a great gift.