Monday, August 24, 2009

Creamy Potato Soup

Dave loves cream of potato soup, and over the years I've learned to make a big pot of it in just about no time at all. I peel and dice a bunch of potatoes--10 or more depending on their size. Then cover the potatoes by about an inch with veggie broth. Cook over low-medium heat until the potatoes are very soft. Adjust seasonings to your liking--I usually use salt, pepper, and hot sauce. Mash some of the potatoes right in the broth until you have a nice thick soup. Over very low heat, add some milk, just enough to make the soup creamy. Turn off the heat and add a couple handfuls of shredded sharp cheddar cheese. Mix well. Serve with extra grated cheese or sour cream.

I made myself the most amazing mint tea. I used the chocolate mint from the farmer's market, steeped in boiling water, and added some green tea bags. The taste of the chocolate mint is really delicious.


  1. Now I know what kind of soup to make as soon as it turns cold.

    Which will be in about another three months.

  2. Your mint tea sounds delicious and the potato soup looks good too.

  3. That potato soup looks wonderful!

    Chocolate mint tea? YUM!

  4. Hi...
    The creamy potato soup and the chocolate mint tea would make a fantastic feast. I love chocolate mint tea. Also mint has good herbal value and is hence good for health.