Wednesday, July 2, 2008


I put the "Foodie Goals" tab at the top of the blog and then I never did anything about it. 'Doh!

I wanted to make a list of my cooking goals--things I want to cook/bake that will be a challenge for me. If anyone wants to bake or cook one of the goals along with me, I'd love the company. I am not setting any specific schedule, or timeline; this is just a way to keep me motivated to try new recipes.

So... on to the list!

1. Croissants- I've made these before but it's been a long time (completed 1/20/10)
2. Baba au Rhum (completed 8/14/09)
3. Full English Breakfast- Beans and all (completed 3/1/10)
4. Bagels (completed 2/24/10)
5. Grissini- Skinny breadsticks (completed 5/15/10)
6. Pumpkin Roll
7. Semolina Gnocchi (completed 3/16/10)
8. Crepe Cake (completed 9/20/09)
9. Bee Hive Cake (completed 10/10/09)
10. Gougeres
11. Persian Crispy Rice
12. Pretzels- I used to make these all the time but it's been awhile (completed 9/27/09)
13. Kolaches
14. Gelato- (completed 3/8/10)
15. Croquembouche
16. Cookies with Royal Icing- Just like Martha Stewart (completed 10/20/09)
17. "Irish" Doughnuts- I'm trying to recreate the amazing cream-filled doughnuts we had in Clifden, Ireland (completed 2/10/10)
18. Buttercream Frosting
19. Fruit Gelees (completed 3/1/10)
20. Crostoli- Fried cookies my Italian grandmother would make for holidays

Well, that's my top 20! Any other suggestions or must-make recipes?

****The cookie cutter is probably older than I am and it belonged to my Grandma W; she was an amazing cook and baker.


  1. I hope you're feeling better, Michele. I'll send good vibes your way. Knock on wood, I've never had to eat hospital food and I can just imagine how unappealing that must be for us vegetarians.
    I would love to try my hand at making some baba au rhum with you - sounds like fun!
    And your dried tomatoes look delicious. I don't think I am going to get many tomatoes here in the Hudson Valley with all this rain. Thank goodness for farmers markets!
    Be well! :)

  2. Hi Michele - I hope that since you're back to posting, you're feeling better.

    I had to laugh when I read Barbara's comment, because I would also like to try baba au rhum! I don't know much about it, but it sounds exotic. I'd also like to make pretzels. I think I made soft pretzels way back when, but I don't even remember it. Soft or crispy would be good. So if you'd like company with either of those, let me know.

  3. All right - after checking out your list you inspired me to re-check my own list - which I haven't updated in (ahem) months. And Crepe Cake is on my list!!

    I made semolina gnocchi a few months ago - it was so good - which lead to a large purchase from amazon of semolina flour.

    Crepe cake in about a month? Just in time for my birthday - let me know!

  4. Barbara and jillbert: Making Baba au Rhum together would be great! I have to look up a recipe to see what type of pan I need. When would you like to do the baking? Should we e-mail recipes and stuff first?

    jillbert- I'll dig up some pretzel recipes and e-mail them to you and we can decide when we want to make them! How lovely to bake along with you.

    Megan- I would be honored to make a crepe cake with your for your birthday! Do you have a recipe in mind? I'll send you an e-mail and we can work out the details.
    I love amazon for obscure ingredients. They have great prices. I will have to check-out your gnocchi post.

    I think I'm feeling a little better with all the medicines I'm taking. I guess it will just take some time.

  5. so goo d to have you back.

    Wow, I like your cooking goals, I am not that disciplined in the kitchen. I hav enever heard of Kolaches. What is it?

    I like your dried tomatoes, something I will be doing very soon. Like you I have been thinking about getting a food dehydrator. I have seen one that I quite like the look of.
    What do you think?

  6. Hi Michele - I think it would be good if we all made the same recipe (though I may need to improvise with the pan). I took a quick look through my cookbooks and the Joy of Cooking has a baba au rhum recipe, but I don't know how authentic it is. There's probably a more French version out there Perhaps Julia Child?

    I'm flexible on when we do it but I will be out of town the first two weeks of September. Feel free to email me.

  7. jillbert- I love Julia!! I'll e-mail you and Barbara this weekend. I was thinking of using a popover pan or maybe muffin cups? I'm not sure what will work--I'll have to read some recipes.

  8. mango- I think the food dehydrator you picked out looks great. I love dried fruit, so I am more and more inclined to buy one of my own.

    Kolaches are pastries that usually have a fruit filling. I think most people identify them as having a Polish origin. I grew-up in Illinois which has a very large Polish community, and I've always loved Kolaches. Especially those filled with apricots, prunes, and poppy seeds. Some recipes use a yeast dough and some do not. I'm not sure what the "authentic" version is.

  9. Great cooking goals! You must try the SMS peanut butter cookies, there the bomb!

  10. Great list! Can't wait to see the results as you check items off.

  11. Thank you Flourchild and Wendy!