Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Vegan Tuesdays - Big Veggie Casserole

Casseroles may not qualify as "gourmet" food, but, sometimes a casserole is exactly what I am craving. I love that they are hearty and filling old-fashioned comfort food, and are easy to make.

This is a vegan casserole and it's a good way to use up leftover veggies. It's something I make frequently. There is no exact recipe as you use whatever you have on hand. The basic structure is a layer of stuffing, a layer of cooked vegetables, and then the top layer is mashed potatoes-made with veggie broth instead of milk.

I make many different types of stuffing, but my go-to recipe is toasted whole grain breads, and any other leftover bits of bread I have on hand, veggie broth, butter or vegan margarine, and some sauteed onions, celery and mushrooms. I usually season with salt, pepper, hot sauce, and maybe a small amount of sage. I break up the toasted bread into large pieces and moisten the bread with broth and maybe melted butter or margarine. I add the cooked onions, celery, and mushrooms and season to taste. Then, I bake the stuffing until the top is nice and golden brown.

For this casserole, I had a layer of my basic stuffing, a layer of leftover cooked carrots, peas, and corn, and then mashed potatoes on top. I baked the casserole in a 350F oven until the top was lightly browned, about 25 minutes. It may not sound very glamorous, but it really is delicious.

The next time you have a bunch of leftover veggies you need to use up, try making a casserole. Put everything in a baking dish and cover with mashed potatoes. You'll be surprised at how good leftovers can taste!

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  1. I just have a thing about casseroles!!!!! This looks amazing Michele---what a great idea!!!!

  2. It really looks so homely, just what ocmfort food should be!

  3. Casseroles may not be considered fancy, but they are almost always delicious (you can't always say that about fancy food). Your casserole sounds yummy.

  4. Thank you Lauren! I love casseroles too as they are easy and make enough food for a few days.

    Thank you mango!

    Thanks Wendy!

    Thanks Alisa! Definitely carb heaven, but lots of veggies too.