Monday, June 29, 2009

Sweet Melissa Sundays -- not this Sunday as it was 110 degrees

Mango loves hot weather.

It was 110 degrees on Sunday and it will be almost as hot for the next few days, so I'm not up to doing any baking. This Sunday for Sweet Melissa the recipe was Double Chocolate Cherry Cookies. I was looking forward to making the cookies as Dave loves chocolate and cherries, but I just couldn't bring myself to turn on the oven. I do plan to make them later though.

You can get the recipe for the cookies at Megan's blog:

You can find all the Sweet Melissa bakers here:

I did do a little cooking over the weekend and I'll post those recipes today and tomorrow.


  1. Too bad! See you next week! It's ice cream so no excuses. :P

  2. I don't blame you one bit! I don't use my oven when it's over 85 degrees either. We do lots of BBQing in the summer.

  3. It warming up in Scotland too. I think it's gonna be salad dishes soon.

  4. Hi Michele!

    Sorry you couldn't bake this week- wow, 110 degrees, that's crazy! Where are you located? Here in Boston the weather has been gloomy for weeks now... gray skies and showers almost every day!

    I'd definitely recommend you give these cookies a try on a cooler day. My family thought they were delicious. I'd love for you to stop by my site to check out my cookies if you have a chance. Have a great rest of your week, and I hope to talk to you after the next SMS recipe postings :)


  5. both your kitties are cute - mango is a cute name

  6. Thanks for commenting! Mango is so spoiled--I bottle fed her starting when she was just born.

    I will make the cookies later as they look really delicious!

  7. We live in Central California -- in between San Francisco and Sacramento.

    Joy- I love your blog, everything looks delicious!