Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Squeeze Inn -- The Burger with the Cheese "Skirt"

There is a burger place in Sacramento that I've been reading about for several years. I think the place has also been featured on Food Network a couple times. It's a tiny little dive of a place, but people go there in droves. The restaurant is famous for their cheese burgers. The burgers are made in a way that the cheese melts all around the burger, and then the cheese "skirt" is folded back up onto the patty. It's really hard to explain, but if you go to their web site you can see a video of the burgers being made.

We finally had a chance to have one of their burgers, (we had veggie burgers, of course), and they are really good. The cheese gets sort of crispy and tastes almost likes it's been grilled. Dave brought home the burgers, so the photo is after the food had been sitting in the take-home bag for 90 minutes. Even cold and rather smushed, it was still tasty.

If you are a burger lover check-out the video on how these cheese burgers are made--it's pretty neat!



  1. I saw this on the FN! yum - glad they lived up to their reputation

  2. That sounds yummy! We have a little dive hamburger joint that has been on the Food Network also. They are famous for their stuffed cheeseburgers...the cheese is in the middle of the burger. I've never been there but I've heard about it.

  3. I have been craving a hamburger like no other and this is not helping! Haha! That looks so cool!

  4. I went here the last time I was in Sacramento! I went with a group of doctors. One of them saw it on "diners, dives... and talked us all into going. It really is a hole in the wall and out of the way. But it was fun. I had the veggie burger too.

  5. I also saw this on "Diner, Dives.." My husband and I were freaking out cause it looked so good. I'm really surprised they have a veggie burger option.

  6. Thanks for commenting! It was a really good burger and I think it would be even better if it didn't sit around for so long.