Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Vegan Tuesdays - Portobello Pockets

I needed to make something simple Tuesday night, because as I mentioned earlier, I have no groceries. I made sort of a mock Beef Wellington with portobello mushrooms and two different toppings.

I grilled two portobello mushroom caps and seasoned them with a bit of olive oil and some tamari. I had some frozen pizza-type dough; I defrosted that and rolled it out into two squares. In the center of each square I put one mushroom cap. I topped one cap with a layer of the edamame hummus I made over the weekend. The other cap I topped with mashed potatoes. I folded up the dough into a packet and placed each packet on a baking sheet. I baked the mushrooms at 350F for about 25 minutes, until they were golden brown.

The portobello pockets were really yummy and super filling. Dave even requested that I make them again, which is surprising since he's not a huge mushroom lover. Please check-out what Wendy cooked up for vegan Tuesdays at her blog, "Pink Stripes". http://pinkstripes.wordpress.com/

Hopefully, I will stop playing with Photoshop in the near future and go buy some groceries!


  1. Can I go off track and ask about Photoshop? What version do you use and does it do everything?

  2. Wow! Those look wonderful!

  3. I have to use CS4 for my class, and I was able to buy it through school so it was really inexpensive. Otherwise it costs about $1000. I can't imagine that you would need CS4 unless you do major editing and artwork. What would you like to be able to do? I'll help you pick a version.