Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tuesdays with Dorie - Lemon Tart

I tried. I really tried to make this week's lemon tart recipe. 4am Tuesday morning, the oven is pre-heating, the tart pan is ready---no lemons. I thought for sure I had lemons but I guess used them all making the lemon cake. Fast forward to 1pm Tuesday afternoon, the oven is again pre-heating, the tart pan is still sitting in the counter---no corn starch. Aargh... 11pm Tuesday night, oven and tart pan ready-check. Corn starch-check. Lemons-check. But---no butter and no cream. Seriously, I am usually so organized but I have none of the ingredients I need for this recipe. I have to do some grocery shopping ASAP.

So, I did not make the lemon tart Tuesday, but I will make it later in the week. I am in the middle of a really big project for my photography class and I think the assignment has me very distracted.

Please see the adorable blog "Babette Feasts" for the recipe and for more information about the tart. I've read that it was delicious. http://www.babettefeasts.com/2009/05/twd-tartest-lemon-tart-thats-right.html

Also, see the Tuesdays with Dorie web site to find the other bakers who were organized enough to make the tart. http://tuesdayswithdorie.wordpress.com/

**The lemon photo is from the Dallas News.


  1. I hate when I don't have an ingredient that I need! I went to make blueberry muffins yesterday and realized I only had one egg. Luckily I had some egg substitute that I bought to make ice cream. It all worked out fine and the muffins were yummy!

  2. Oh, I could totally see that happening to me.

  3. Homemade blueberry muffins-yumm! You are quite the domestic goddess lately.

  4. Wow, that is such a cool photo - I am taking a photo class soon and so excited about it.

  5. Mermaid - I hope you enjoy your class! I can't wait to hear all about it!