Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sweet Melissa - Tart Cherry Pie

I should have posted this on Sunday, but fell behind a bit with the holiday weekend. This Sunday we made tart cherry pie with pistachio crumble topping. I could not find tart cherries anywhere, so had to use the regular bing cherries.

This pie was a snap to make, with a relatively small list of ingredients. I think the pistachio topping is amazing; I love pistachios and yet don't bake with them very often.

The cherries I bought were over-ripe and I think they were too juicy. I was worried that my pie filling wouldn't set, but would stay soupy. I didn't cut the pie because I gave it to Dave to take to a holiday pot luck type of thing he was having at work on Monday. I thought for sure he would call to tell me that the pie was just a big vat of juice and had to be served in bowls instead of on plates. Fortunately, I guess the pie did set up and was fine to serve to his co-workers. Dave said that everyone raved about the pie, especially the crumble topping.

To get the recipe for the pie, please visit Michelle's blog, "Flourchild". http://homebakedsweetness.blogspot.com/2009/05/sour-cherry-pie-with-pistachio-crumble.html

You can find a list of the rest of the Sweet Melissa bakers here:http://sweetmelissasundays.wordpress.com/


  1. Your pie looks wonderful. I really loved this recipe.

  2. I love cherry pie.

  3. It looks great! I didn't get to make this one, but I want to very soon!

  4. I think your pie looks fantastic. It's really such a beautiful pie. Great job! Sorry I've been absent for the past week; I had a friend in town and couldn't do much blogging!

  5. Thank you Wendy, Cheryl, Pamela, and Elyse!