Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sweet Melissa Sundays - Strawberry Shortcake

I am falling in love with the Sweet Melissa Baking Book. Each recipe we've made so far has been delicious. This week's shortcake is beyond delicious; it's moist and tender and not sugar-y sweet.

Dave was in Monterey last week-a major strawberry growing area. And, since strawberries are being harvested now, there are fruit stands all over the place. I asked Dave to bring home some berries, and he bought a whole case-12 pints! After giving away some of the fruit to my neighbors, I saved some for this recipe and froze the rest. It will be lovely to have strawberries later in the year when they are no longer in season.

This recipe is really easy to make. The dough comes together in just minutes, and you don't need to bring out the mixer or food processor.

You can find the full recipe for this shortbread at one of my favorite blogs, Pink Stripes.
Also, please check-out the other Sweet Melissa Bloggers.


  1. grey pebble loverMay 4, 2009 at 3:00 AM

    they look fabulous! The strawberries are so red and fresh.
    Good on dave for getting a tray, i do that too;-)

  2. Your shortcakes are gorgeous! YUM!

  3. Thank you grey and Cristine!

  4. That's one thing I really miss about California - all the fruit stands! Well, that and the beach!

    Anyways, these were great and I love the pink sugar on top - it makes them look so pretty ~

  5. Megan- California does have amazing fruit. And, great beaches!

    Thank you!

  6. Your shortcakes look yummy. I miss Monterey. I haven't been there in ages (I grew up in San Jose). The strawberries look amazing.

    Thanks for baking along with me this week!

  7. Wendy- I love the Monterey area, and I especially love Mendocino.

    Thanks! You picked a great recipe.

  8. Oh wow, all of those strawberries - I am jealous :) Your shortcake looks fantastic! Glad you enjoyed the recipe.

  9. Love the pink sugar! My dough certainly didn't come out like yours, was really wet. Your cakes look terrific.

  10. Thank you Mermaid! This recipe worked well for me, but I usually have the hardest time with anything to do with custard or meringue.