Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Cake Slice - Devil's Food Cake

This month, we made a traditional Devil's Food cake with a brown sugar frosting. I decided to make only half the recipe since we've had an abundance of cakes lately. I used "paper" heart shaped baking pans to bake the cake in.

Unfortunately, the pans were a bit smooshed from the way they were packaged. They didn't have a true heart shape; they were more blob-like.

The cake batter making and baking went fine. The pans worked well, though they even less heart shaped by the time they were baked.

Though the cakes came out well, I had major problems with the frosting. I don't know if I made a mistake scaling down the recipe, or if the heat and humidity messed up the frosting, or if it was a combination. First, the frosting was clumpy. Then, it sort of deflated and became runny. I just did my best frosting the cake, and I put on some pink sprinkles over messiest parts.

The cake part itself was delicious, and I usually don't like chocolate cakes all the much. The frosting was just too sweet and messy, but that could very well be because I goofed up the recipe. I think if I make the cake again, I'd fill the cake with custard or jam, and have whipped cream frosting on top.

Please see the recipe at the adorable blog, "Sugar & Everything Nice".

Also, please see the cakes from some of the other bakers, those that turned out much better than mine did.


  1. Nice paper heart pans, too bad they didn't hold up.
    I liked how tall your cake turned out, love pink sprinkles.

  2. Awwh, those paper pans are adorable and your icing doesn't look messy at all. It looks delish!!

    Katie xox

  3. YUM. I love devil's food cake.

  4. Yummy! This is by far my favorite!

  5. Cute! Love the pink sprinkles.

  6. Blobs or not, Michele, this looks like one sinful dessert!

  7. Darn frosting - it wasn't us! Love the pans and the pink sprinkles, I could have used some of those on mine. It looks great and I know it tasted da bomb.

  8. I think your cake looks absolutely fabulous! You can't tell that the frosting is runny at all. And those heart pans are just great. Everyone is raving about this chocolate cake; I'm definitely going to have to try this one out. Fabulous job!

  9. Thank you Caroline, Katiecakes, Wendy, Cheryl, jillbert, Barbara, mermaid, Elyse and The Bahens!! You are all so sweet!