Thursday, March 26, 2009

Frozen Treats

I made a very fast, no-cook blueberry and kiwi granita last week. I love granitas because they are dairy-free and so easy to whip up. I blended a bag of frozen blueberries, a few peeled kiwis, a little cranberry juice, and a bit of sugar. I poured the mixture into a large, shallow baking dish, and put it in the freezer. Every couple of hours I scraped the frozen parts with the tines of a fork to make the granita fluffy. I kept doing this until it was all frozen.
That's it! If it is too frozen solid to serve, just let it defrost a bit.

I also made some frozen yogurt. I find that the frozen yogurt at the stores is too sweet and doesn't taste at all like yogurt. This is another really simple recipe. I buy really high quality Greek-style yogurt. If it's watery at all, I'll drain it in a sieve. I mix the yogurt with a little sweetener-agave syrup, honey or sugar, and some vanilla. I process it in the ice cream maker and store it in a plastic tub in the freezer. I love yogurt done this way because it is still tart, and not sugary sweet. The amount of sweetener you add is up to you.

Spring is finally here, so of course a girl's mind turns to yummy frozen desserts. I'll be making lots more ice cream maker treats as the weather gets warmer...


  1. Looks great! I rarely eat ice cream or frozen treats in the's cold enough without eating cold things. But I love a bowl of ice cream in the summer. And I love blueberries. This looks great.

  2. Thanks! I like blueberries, but my favorite is raspberries.