Saturday, March 14, 2009

Discombobulated (try saying that backwards three times in a row!)

I am feeling very discombobluated without an oven...
I keep wandering into the kitchen, staring longingly at my little white G.E. Profile gas oven/range, and willing it to start working again. Sadly, it hasn't happened.

The repair person is supposed to come out today, so hopefully I will be able to do some baking tonight. Well, as long as the repair person does not utter the dreaded words "we need to order parts", because then who knows how long I'll be ovenless.

In the meantime, here are some cute photos of Mango crushing the greenhouse.

Last year we planted a peach tree and we were so excited to pick the ripe peaches in the middle of summer. We now want to plant some more fruit trees, to grow more of our own stuff. I started some little baby orange trees inside the house a few weeks ago, so that I could transplant them when it's warmer. I love plants and we have lots of them growing inside. The problem is, the cats. Their goal is to knock down, and or eat, all of the plants they can get their paws on. I have to keep my plants at least 6 feet above the ground to escape destruction.

So, when I saw this greenhouse at Target I thought it was the perfect solution. It's made for the indoors and it was very inexpensive. I set it up, full of hope that I would be able to start a bunch of fruit trees and maybe even some veggies. Unfortunately, the greenhouse remained unmolested for only about 48 hours. Mango decided that the top of the greenhouse would make a lovely cat hammock. My poor plants didn't have a chance. The greenhouse has become the new favorite cat hang-out and my plants are now crowded around Dave's bathroom sink.

Thankfully, it should be warm enough to bring the plants outside within the next couple of weeks.


  1. Those are so cute! He/She looks just like my old cat, Rocki. That's too bad that the greenhouse did not work out but I'm glad that your cat has a fun place to play.And I hope that the oven did not need parts ordered.

  2. How funny is that?