Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tuesdays with Dorie-World Peace Cookies

Yikes! It's 11:30pm and I am just getting this posted. It's been a long day.
This week, Tuesdays with Dorie baked World Peace Cookies-they are like a chocolate shortbread with small chocolate chunks and a big pinch of salt. They have a neat salty-sweetness. The cookies were good, but I'm just not a huge chocolate fan. But, Dave did eat almost the whole batch of cookies in one sitting.
The cookies are easy to make and would be a great treat for the chocolate lover in your life. As an incentive, there are no eggs in the recipe so snacking on cookie dough is encouraged. I was making these at 3am, and because I was so sleepy I wasn't pay close enough attention to the recipe. I accidentally added too much baking soda. My cookies came out flatter than they should have. Still, they didn't fall apart and tasted good and crispy. The only intentional change I made was using white chocolate chunks instead of dark chocolate. I actually prefer white chocolate over most dark chocolates. Here is the original recipe and a photo of how thick the cookies should be. http://cookbookhabit.blogspot.com/
Do your part to promote world peace; bake some of these lovely chocolate cookies soon!


  1. Whew, that is a long day! I'm glad they worked out for you (snackable dough is always a bonus, I think).

  2. Your cookies look great. Mine came out really flat too. I can't eat a lot of chocolate but i love white chocolate. I wish i had added it, like you did. Next time :)