Saturday, February 14, 2009

Lunch Num-Nums

A while back, I had a feta and hummus sandwich somewhere when we were out and about. It was really good, the sharp feta balanced well with the creamy hummus. So, when we found a new meditteranean deli nearby that made their own hummus, I was inspired to make the yummy sandwich for us at home. I used some crusty french bread, the hummus and feta from the deli, and some lovely greenhouse grown grape tomatoes. It made for quite a tasty weekend lunch.

Dorie Greenspan is the super talented author and chef who inspired the online baking group I am a part of, Tuesdays With Dorie. I was perusing her fabulous web site and found a post about her favorite chicken sandwich, something she discovered on a trip to Laos. I decided to create a vegetarian version using baked tofu.
I cut up a couple packets of firm tofu, and dried the slices well. I made a marinade using odds and ends I had in the fridge and cabinets; some sweet and sour sauce, some teriyaki sauce, hot sauce, a little salt, a few drops of sesame oil, and a bit of olive oil. I baked the tofu slices on a single layer at 350F until they were firm and the marinade had become a glaze, about 30 minutes. When the tofu was cool, I made the sandwiches on nice soft sesame rolls. I used the tofu, cucumbers, tomato slices, a little hot sauce, and some Thai sweet chili sauce. Super-super good! Thanks Dorie.

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