Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Slug... and, dessert panini

I'm sorry I've been such a slug about updating my blog. I do have a bunch of entries in my head, but have been too distracted to sit down and type up recipes. Today is Dave's birthday, and I am cooking and baking up a storm. The gift I ordered him online has not arrived, so I am giving him the gift of baked goods in lieu of a present. Today is also Tuesdays with Dorie, and I will be posting this weeks recipe later today.

My computer is fixed and it rocks. I reinstalled the operating system and did a bunch of updates, and now my computer is lightning fast-I'm so excited. I was listening to Leo Laporte (Tech Talk) on the radio this weekend, and he mentioned that he uses an external hard drive to back up his computer, and then periodically, he reinstalls his operating system to keep things running smoothly. I think that's what I'll do in going forward. I'll reinstall Vista a couple times a year to get rid of the detritus on my hard drive. It's a pain in the butt, but my computer will be happier for it.
Does anyone have Twitter? My very web-savvy step-sister, Kristy, convined me to sign up for Twitter, but now I feel bad because I have so few contacts. If anyone is even remotely interested in my comings and goings, please add me to your Twitter. My name is veggie_num_nums.

Last week I made sweet panini for dessert. I am not a big gadget person, but I use my panini press all the time-for toast, sandwiches, veggie burgers, lots of things. I bought some wonderful whole grain bread at the bakery, and we made panini with jam, peanut butter, nutella, and chestnut honey. It was mix and match with the fillings. Dessert panini would be fun if you had a group of people over, just set out the bread and fillings and people can help themselves. A word of caution though, panini presses get really hot, so you would need to be super careful if you have kids or pets around.

Anyway, I smell cookies, so I'll be back in a bit.


  1. I'm so glad that you didn't call me your extremely geeky and "has nothing better to do than Twitter on the computer all day" step-sister Kristy. That probably would have been more accurate though. And now I just need to figure out how to convince you to join Facebook. Then you will really find out about wasting your time all day!

  2. Facebook seems really complicated. Did you meet lots of people from your past on there?

  3. I have reconnected with my best friend in graduate school, but that's as far back as I've found anybody. I don't think I'd even know kids that I went to grade school or high school with though...I was sort of a loner. I have connected with tons of friends from church, our homeschool group, blogging friends, some family members, etc. though. I currently have 57 friends on FB.

  4. Wow! I'm impressed-57 is a huge amount of contacts.