Saturday, January 10, 2009

Please Help an Animal Sanctuary in Trouble

One of our cats, Ben.

One of the blog readers alerted me to the fact that there is an animal sanctuary in New York that is forced to close down, leaving a handful of unplaced animals. One of the sad facts of the economic crisis is that there are more homeless animals than ever, and fewer resources to care for them. In the town that I live in, our pound has an 85% kill rate for adoptable animals. It's really quite horrifying. They have run out of room not only for the living animals, but there barrels and barrels of dead animals, those that have been euthanized, stacked ceiling high, waiting for disposal. The whole place is like something in a nightmare.

Our county is one of the hardest hit in the country by foreclosures. People are moving away and abandoning their animals. In the last year, Dave and I have found homes for about 30-40 cats, cats that were abandoned just in our small neighborhood. We are fortunate enough to have friends in the San Francisco Bay Area who were able to help us find shelters for the cats. There are still at a least another 10 homeless cats running around our block that we provide food for. Right now, all the shelters I know of are full. As space opens up, we will try to find homes for the remaining local cats. We have to do something by spring, before kitten season, or we will have 10 adults and 30 kittens running around.

Anyway, the point of this post is to tell you about Oasis Sanctuary in the hope that you can help. They can use financial help, but they also need homes for the remaining animals. Please check out their web site to see if there is something you can do.

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  1. How sad and how wonderful you and Dave are for finding homes for these homeless animals.

  2. this is absolutely heartbreaking and I just love what you guys are doing!!! it breaks my heart to hear about people having to abandon their pets because of cost (I mean come on...dinner or your dog...I think I will take my dog!!!!) I hope they can remain open and that people start adopting!!!!! most of all I hope things turn around in our country and that people learn to budget their money better...not relying so much on credit cards!!!! thank you for sharing this with us! xo