Monday, December 29, 2008


Another blogger, my friend Janet at "Gonna Go Walk the Dogs", "tagged" me which means I need to write 16 random things about myself, and then ask other people to do so as well. So here are 16 random bits:

1. Dave and I can't keep candy around the house because we eat it all right away (see photo).

2. One of our older cats, Tank, had all his teeth removed recently. He was having a hard recovery, but is now doing much better!

3. I don't watch any television, though I will occasionally watch a tv show on dvd.

4. I don't really like to talk about myself.

5. My favorite beverage is Penta water.

6. My favorite food is fresh pineapple.

7. I love music, especially Dave Matthews.

8. I rarely eat out because I am too critical of the food served at most restaurants.

9. I despise the taste of cilantro. Just the smell, makes me gag.

10. I love to swim more than anything. Our pool is awesome.

11. The best food I've ever had on a trip was in Italy and in India.

12. I usually don't like food with too many flavors. Simple foods are my favorites.

13. I crave odd things, like cabbage, turnips, and melons.

14. I am not really a big sweet or chocolate eater, except when there is candy around.

15. I do oil painting as a hobby.

16. I am very impatient, and often burn things I'm cooking because I'm doing several things at one time.


  1. I didn't know #15! thats so awesome :) you should post some of your work!!!!
    #11 I bet thats the best food in the world!!! actually Indian and Italian food are two that we eat regularly in our house!!!
    #2 poor baby :(
    #1 I actually woke up with the goal today that I wouldn't eat any candy LOL :):):):) (seeing that I have pretty much everyday since Christmas!!!!!!)

    thanks for sharing!!! Happy Tuesday :)

  2. Interesting! I am a big sweet and chocolate lover and can not keep those things around or I will eat them all! I love eating out...I'm not picky at all. If I don't have to make it, I'm happy. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Wow, 16 random things about myself.
    1. I love my husband more than anyone knows
    2. I love family
    3. I love kids
    4. I have a few special friends
    5, I love animals, especially big dogs
    6. I like to play gin with my friends
    7. I like to go to casinos, but not often
    8. I like to play bingo
    9. I love chocolate
    10. I love to watch Bryanna dance in competition
    11. I miss having all our family in Illinois
    12. I love to travel
    13. I don't like to cook
    14. I don't like to clean
    15. I am impulsive in what I like in the house
    16. I am insecure

  4. Sandy- thanks for posting your list!

    ZML- I'll post some painting photos, I just have to photograph them. We have eaten all the candy in the house- 2lbs. in one day. Thanks for reading my blog!

    Kristy- It's funny that you don't like to cook, because everything you cook looks really good!

  5. Here's my 16 random things (so I won't state the obvious)

    1. I love to read. Magazines, books, signs, anything and I can read very, very fast.

    2. I am destined to be a contestant on Wheel of Fortune. I love solving their puzzles. The closest I got was to watch them film in Chicago.

    3. I love hot chocolate more than coffee.

    4. I am a lousy cook but a great baker.

    5. I look forward to Marisa getting older so she can be my travel buddy, my theatre buddy, etc. since these are things Phil does not like to do.

    6. I love cream rolls. They are my favorite bakery item and I will eat many of them in one sitting if allowed.

    7. My favorite color is yellow.

    8. Halloween is my favorite holiday.

    9. I'm a whiz in math.

    10. I have a double minor in biology and chemistry. My major was organizational management.

    11. I love to watch tv and movies. I don't remember life before DVRs.

    12. I have to do something everyday (leave the house). I don't like sitting home all day.

    13. My Christmas tree is red.

    14. I have driven many cars in my lifetime but my favorite is my mom car, the mini-van.

    15. We have a pink albino frog that is at least 15 years old.

    16. Okay, the obvious, I love my husband, daughter and family.

  6. Thanks for sharing, Cheryl! I love plays and I love ballet. Maybe we can see a show next time I visit.