Sunday, December 7, 2008

Homemade Breakfast "Hot Pockets"

First of all, I have a major sinus infection and it pretty much feels like my head is in a bucket of cement, so I do hope the following posts make sense as it is hard to think!

I've never had a "Hot Pocket" because as far as I know that are not vegetarian friendly. I love the idea of a little meal in a pocket of dough. I made a breakfast version, and since I used pizza dough I guess these could also be called breakfast calzones.

There is no specific recipe since you can fill these with anything you like. For my version, I sauteed onions until they were soft. I added some diced, cooked potatoes, some beaten eggs, and a handful of grated cheese. I cooked the eggs until they were just set and the cheese was melted.

I rolled out some pizza dough that I'd made a few weeks ago and frozen. I rolled the dough into a big rectangle and then cut that into three pieces. I let the egg mixture cool, and then covered one half of each piece of dough with the eggs. I folded over the uncovered piece of dough to cover the filling, and sealed the edges-basically making an envelope of dough with an egg filling. I cut a small hole in the top of each hot pocket to let the steam vent.

I put my hot pockets on a baking sheet and baked them in a preheated 350F oven for about 20 minutes, until they were browned.

Dave loved these because they were tasty, but also because they were so portable-perfect for lunches.

**After re-reading my post I think I made these sound difficult to make. Really, it is just pizza dough filled with eggs, potatoes, and cheese. Easy!


  1. Great idea! Anthony loves hot pockets...regular and breakfast kinds. So he would like this. And it does sound simple. Thanks.

  2. Oh, and I forgot to say, so sorry that you are felling bad. That is not fun. Get well soon.

  3. Thanks. I get sinus infections every couple years.

    You can use any kind of dough for this:pizza dough, pie dough, puff pastry...even the dough that pops out of a tube will work.

  4. These do sound good, I think Bryanna would like to make something like this since it is easy.
    Sorry about your sinus headache, nothing worse.

  5. It's not so bad, just hard to think.