Monday, December 29, 2008

Amazing Craigslist Find

I've always wanted a pink kitchen. Amazingly, I found some pink marble tile advertised on Our kitchen is very small, so to tile our kitchen floor we only need a small amount of tile. The tile from craigslist is just enough to do our kitchen, and we were able to buy it for only $40! Usually, marble tile is at least $10 a square foot. We found an amazing deal. The tile still has to be installed, but at least I am on my way to a pink kitchen.


  1. Fun! When do you want Carl to come and install it?

  2. Don't forget to take a before and after picture so we can see the results. You have hardwood for the rest of the house correct?

  3. Don't tease me about Carl! You know I covet him (in a purely handyman-type way).

    I have lots of before photos. We have the flooring, to be installed, for the main area and the bedrooms, and now the kitchen. We will just have to get some inexpensive tile for the bathrooms.