Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Nice, BIG piece of marble for pastry and a loquat tree is so awesome. It's a great place to buy used furniture, camera equipment, and lots of other neat things.

Here are a couple of recent finds:

A huge (2' x 3') piece of gorgeous marble for pastry making. Dave got it is a surprise for me. It was so inexpensive it was almost free.
I also found a couple of loquat trees. They are indigenous to China but grow well in California. The fruit is rather like an apple and is good for eating and jam making.

Now that I have an official pastry board, be prepared for a major pastry making spree!


  1. So what do you do with the marble piece...just leave it on the counter the whole time or store it away? And why do you need marble? I'm assuming it may prevent sticking. I'm such a non-cook, can you tell?? I'm off to make your pasta dish from last week...can't wait!

  2. I just leave it on the counter because it is almost the exact size as my counter. I have a tiny, studio-size kitchen, but it works well for me.

    Marble is great for pastry because it stays cool and because pastry doesn't stick to it as much as it does to other surfaces.

    I hope you enjoy the pasta! We loved it. Let me know how it turns out.