Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Mother's Cookies - Going Out of Business

We rarely buy packaged cookies but when we do it's always Mother's Cookies. I'm not sure if they're available anywhere outside California since it is a local company. Mother's Cookies has been around for over 90 years. They have a huge selection of different kinds of cookies and they are all really good. Nice and crispy. I am not a fan of a "soft" cookie. To me, soft cookies taste undercooked. I like crunchy, dunkable cookies.

Sadly, Mother's has gone out of business and there will be no more cookies. Dave is rather devastated as he is a huge fan of their Taffy cookies-a big, thick vanilla sandwich cookie with a taffy flavored filling. I am going to buy up some of the remaining supply of taffy cookies at the grocery store and give them to Dave for Christmas.

It's always sad when a local business goes bankrupt, especially local businesses that make really yummy cookies.

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