Friday, October 24, 2008

White Pizza

White pizza is one of my favorites because I find that most American pizza places use way too much sauce. Pizza in Italy is usually wonderfully thin and crisp with a minimum of toppings. I found that I had a ball of pizza dough in the freezer and so I made this for a quick dinner. The topping is fresh mozzarella, a little sharp cheddar and a small amount of goat cheese. I baked the pizza on a pizza stone so the crust is crunchy and chewy. Much better than take-out pizza!


  1. Ooooo...I would love this. I'm not a fan of tomato sauce. I love the new Garlic Chicken Pizza at our favorite place because it uses a white sauce. I may have to try this one.

  2. You can use a ready-made Alfredo sauce to make a white sauce pizza. I am fussy about tomato sauce too.