Saturday, October 18, 2008

More Fresh Figs. Yeah!

Until fairly recently, I never had a fresh fig. I've always loved dried figs but fresh figs somehow eluded me. I think that since their growing season is so short, I never noticed them at the grocery store. Now that I have discovered them, I just can't get enough. I have been combing to find fig trees for sale locally. I want to get three or four to plant in the back yard. That way, I'll have my own supply and won't have to hunt fresh figs down in the supermarkets.

Dave was at a winery in Napa last week and he found that they grew their own figs for their restaurant. The winery has about 50 trees! Dave picked a bunch of figs for me and they are really delicious. There's nothing like fruit fresh picked from a tree. I ate most of the figs just plain, but the rest I'm going to use to make a fig cake. Fig cake! Yum!


  1. oh I am so jealous! our sweet little old neighbors used to make us homemade fig bars! I need to find some figs and "fig"ure it out how to make them hehehe :)

  2. How lucky that you were treated to homemade fig bars! I've never made them. Now I will have to look up the recipe.

  3. Hi Michele. I hope you are doing better.

    What kind of fresh figs did you get? I didn't realize there were so many different kinds.

  4. Thanks, Cheryl.

    These look like mission figs, which are the most common around here. I really want to get some of the green figs but I think I will have to grow them myself.