Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sweet Things

One of my favorite desserts, something I could eat every day, takes about 30 seconds to make. It's semi-frozen berries in whipped cream or non-dairy topping. I thaw a bag of frozen berries until they are almost defrosted, but still firm and icy cold. I mix the berries with a big mound of whipped cream or Cool Whip type topping. If the berries are not very sweet you can add a bit of sugar. So amazingly yummy!

I made a vegan sundae for dessert. It was made with tofu ice cream, fresh peaches, non-dairy whipped topping, fresh grated coconut dusted with cinnamon, and walnut topping. The walnut topping is walnut halves mixed with vegan "marshmallow" cream. The sundae was so yummy I doubt if anyone would miss the dairy.

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