Monday, September 15, 2008

Super Yummy Coconut Frosting

This is just a basic yellow cake from a boxed mix, but with a wonderful fresh coconut frosting. I had to use up a ton of fresh coconut and so I decided to make a coconut cake. I used the boxed mix for the cake because I am just too tired to stand over a mixer for half an hour. Make any cake you like and then use this frosting if you have some fresh coconut lying around. You could use packaged coconut but then you may want to decrease the powdered sugar.

8 ounces of "1/3 less fat" cream cheese, softened
A couple tablespoons of soft butter
About 1/3 box of powdered sugar
Two big handfuls of shredded fresh coconut that has been toasted in a 350F oven until lightly browned

Mix everything together and spread over cooled cake. Yum!

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