Monday, September 15, 2008

Sorry! I have been neglecting this blog... I have my hands full...

For the last week I have been bottle feeding six newborn kittens, every 90 minutes, around the clock. I am pretty much exhausted as I've had almost no sleep. I found the kittens when I was watering in the back yard. I heard these tiny little cries and I pulled up part of the stairs and found the babies lying in a big puddle of mud, soaking wet. I have been taking care of them ever since. I am trying to trap the mother so that she can feed them, but so far she has eluded the trap.

I have quite a few blog posts that I need to write and am hoping to catch-up in the next couple of days!


  1. Oh, how cute!! They are lucky that you found them. I hope that you find the mother and can get some sleep soon. (((hugs)))

  2. Thank you! I know which cat is the mother but she will not go near the trap. I'll keep trying though.

  3. How adorable! Did you catch the mom so she can take care of them?
    The world needs people like you who love animals and take good care of them.
    Sandy and Dad

  4. Hope all is well, missing your blogs - we have a chai truffle cooling in the fridge as I write this...
    We are going on a beach picnic with the dogs shortly...I will post the truffles later today - your green tea recipe....
    we have a little feral,"Katie"..I will post some photos...

  5. Thanks for the sweet comments! I did not catch mother cat yet but she is still hanging around so I will keep trying. Everything is okay, I am just taking care of the kittens and I am also trapping and relocating ferals before they get euthanized. School is starting so I want to do as much as possible before I have homework!